New Craft is a vision in gray

You heard it here first — gray is the new Craft.

Well, maybe not first. Since the unveiling of our new, gray Craft at The NAFEM Show in February, you might’ve heard some buzz about the rich, stone-like gray color.   TableTop Journal even called it “a rock star for the hospitality tabletop world.” We’re honored!


Inspired by hand-crafted, simple country wares made by generations of potters over hundreds of years, our rustic Craft range embodies the beauty of rich, lustrous glazes applied by hand. Andrew Klimecki, designer extraordinaire and Head of Design and Product Innovation for Steelite International, is the creative talent behind Craft. As for the new gray color, the inspiration came from his visit last year to a slate quarry in North Wales.


This natural material has been over 500 million years in the making. The slate is so old that there are no fossils to be found in it, as the slate bed was laid down before creatures even existed.  It is a beautiful, warm, chocolatey brown with a hint of purple.

“It struck me at the time that this colour would make an exciting introduction to Craft,” explained Klimecki. “It is at once in harmony with the other colours in the range, but also makes a strong statement when used on its own. It has the effect of amplifying the colour of any food you care to present on it, making it more appetizing and appealing.” He also noted that the new color has a slightly more contemporary feel, adding sophistication and richness.


Also available in blue, green, brown, and terracotta, it’s no secret that we’re smitten with Craft.
And the new color? There’s no gray area — we think Andrew hit a home run!

Koto: Collaborating with Master Chef David Kinch









Ancient Inspirations: Exploring Japanese Expressions
with a Plating Artist

Take one look at the eclectic décor of famed Bay Area restaurant, Manresa, and it’s easy to see that Chef David Kinch has an eye for design. A long-time friendship with Steelite International America President John Miles has helped broaden his horizons when it comes to serviceware (a drool-worthy international travel schedule also provides a wealth of inspiration), so a recent collaboration on the new Koto line between the chef and manufacturer was a natural fit.

Asian Inspired, Kinch Created

Kinch started the creative process for his the collection by scouring artisanal catalogues and studying design elements he had seen on frequent travel in Japan. But he didn’t want to create a wholly Asian plateware line: “It was important that it wasn’t overtly Japanese or Asian but that it kind of played homage or hinted at a Japanese context,” says Kinch. Instead, he explored the Japanese concept of matching specific vessels to specific dishes.

“I tried to do a versatile collection. We wanted a soup bowl, flat bowl, and also a rice bowl, which you don’t always see in Western cuisine, but is easily utilized in Western cuisine,” he says.

Achieving a Natural Look

Kinch was also excited by the possibility of importing the European sensibility of off-white, organic shapes, and a potter’s feel. “I’ve always liked the hand-crafted experience—the imperfections, the beautiful imperfections, of each plate being slightly different,” he says. Working with Steelite’s Head of Design Andrew Kilmecki, Kinch created a manufactured line that included variations in each piece. “If you look at the texture, the pattern, you will see indentations, as if each one is hand-made, even though they are made in a factory,” he explains.

Breaking Color Boundaries

A versatile, organic collection was important, but Kinch also wanted to focus on the interaction between color and presentation. “I also wanted to try and work to take presentation to another level, as opposed to plain white plates,” he says. For Koto, he chose a palate of chocolate brown, cream, and copper, alternating the colors between the inner and outer panels of the plates to create a complementary and versatile set.

“There is an incredible warmth to the glaze. You could mistake it for ceramic with the different textures and the iron ore accent rim,” he says. “People are starting to realize it’s not only the food or the service, but also the plateware the food is served on that is important.”

Axis by Steelite International






flared. fresh. fine.
Axis bowls add height and drama to the tabletop.
Designed to be multi functional, Axis bowls make
many food types look great, providing an architectural
presentation style to the dish with minimal effort.
Axis offers exciting possibilities, with the opportunity
of presenting an entire meal in a collection of various sizes.

FreeStyle by Steelite International

fun.  fantastic.  freeform.

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FreeStyle is a creative and functional range. Designed to present menus in an exciting and contemporary way, FreeStyle also offers efficient storage, plating, portion control, heat retention and ease of use. Fresh and playful, FreeStyle combines sculptural, curvy forms with multi-functional shapes, to create the ultimate casual dining range.

  • stunning design with outstanding durability
  • exceptional resistance to mechanical and thermal shock
  • freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • lifetime edge chip warranty