Rising Stars NY – Art of Presentation Award

Steelite is excited to present the 2017 New York Rising Stars Art of Presentation contest featuring talented chefs from The Big Apple. This contest is all about the beauty of presentation, so take a look! Please vote for the Chef that created your favorite plating presentation.

Check out the images* in each Chef’s plating gallery shown below, then use the poll to vote.  The deadline to vote is Friday, February 17th at 3 pm EST. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 21st at the Awards Ceremony & Tasting Gala. The winning chef receives $5,000 towards Steelite International product of their choice and a ticket to the 2017 StarChefs International Chefs Congress with a spot in Steelite’s Art of Presentation Pop Up. Please only vote ONCE.

Share this contest with your friends! Use the hashtag #ArtofPresentation and tag us @steeliteusa.

*All images provided by StarChefs.com

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Poll Results:

Chef Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese

Main Image: Josefina’s House Special Chicken: Whole Chicken, Pork Sausage, Eggs, Jus, and Mixed Greens


Chef Erik Ramirez of Llama Inn

Main image: 2-day Short Rib, Kyoto Carrot, Cilantro, Red Quinoa, Chicha de Jora, and Potato Puree



Chef Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted

Main image: Carrot Crepe, Little Neck Clams, and Sunflower Shoots and Seeds


Chefs Sohla & Ham El-Waylly of Hail Mary

Main image: Fried Burrata, Herbs, Breadcrumbs, and Garlic-Chile Marinara


Chef Jaime Young of Sunday in Brooklyn

Main image: Red Cedar-smoked Boston Mackerel, Sunchoke, Celery, Wax Peppers, and Fig Leaf Oil



Chef Jon Nodler of High Street on Hudson

Main image: Seaweed Bucatini, ‘Nduja, Mussels, Breadcrumbs, and Lobster Bottarga 


Chef Junghyun Park of Atoboy

Main image: Sunchoke, Oyster Mushroom, Black Truffle, and Orange 



Chef Suzanne Cupps of Untitled at the Whitney

Main image: Honeynut Squash, Merguez, Red Quinoa, and Chicory



Chef Aaron Bludorn of Café Boulud

Main image: Smoked Ora King Salmon, Coriander Crust, Dill Mustard, Fennel, and White Sturgeon Caviar paired with Chenin Blanc, Château de Brézé, Clos David, Anjour-Saumur, Loire Valley, France, 2013




Pastry Chef Anna Bolz of Per Se

Main Image: Butternut Squash Cream Puff, Ginger-Caramel-Toffee Crumbles, Pistachio, Celery, and Sea Buckthorn

Butternut Squash Cream Puff, Ginger-Caramel-Toffee Crumbles, Pistachio, Celery, and Sea Buckthorn

Main image: Foie Gras


Pastry Chef Fabian von Hauske of Contra & Wildair

Main image: Chocolate-Hazelnut Tart

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